Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dreamboard for the Full Harvest Moon

I feel like there is something different about my board this month but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Is it less orderly? More mysterious? There seem to be elements in my dreamboard that seem more chaotic, but perhaps also they can be seen as very energetic. The table full of dice seem to say there is an aspect of the unknown, of chance. The cafĂ© chairs and tables create so many sticks, angles and shadows, like the arrows around the Trojan horse, the pigeons on the street, the caribou running as a herd. With so many scribbly lines, and the muchness of jumbled intersections there is a certain electric vibe to this dreamboard.

Music is often an element on my board, and this one is no exception. “Illuminate your year with great music” are the only words on my board this time. There is the violin and the maestro, to symbolize my instrument and powerful, spirited music making. Dance is also a frequent presence on my board, and this moon includes both pause for a kiss and a fiercely kinetic conflict. This is balanced just below by the image of a chair and a giant lotus, almost as if these two pairs are meant to be together: the beautifully intense and the beautifully contemplative.

Usually there are images in my dreamboard that bring to mind flight, and on this moon I have the birds, the shadows of flying nuns, and the outstretched arms of the swan-dancer.

There are reminders of spirit here, in the cross and the bells and the nuns. I am invited to sit in contemplation, and be in nature. The glass jars of veggies may symbolize a way of thanking the universe for its colorful bounty and appreciating what I have gathered, giving me a way to prolong the enjoyment and extend gratitude.

The other images capture my imagination but again, I want to spend more time with my board to tease out the meanings – of the bubblegum flower girl, the fan dancer, the metallic beads and nails, the horse head sculpture on the garden bench. I look forward to spending this month with my board, to find out what else it has to say to me.

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