Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy creating

Manon / Sandra @ FringeNYC

For the last week and a half I've been busy, really busy working on collaborating on the music for a play, opening August 14, to be mounted at the Fringe Fest in New York City. Although I'm feeling a bit exhausted, I'm also very happy. For me, showing up at the studio each day is a vastly more satisfying experience than showing up at an office every day. I get to shape music and sound in order to support characters and story. I get to take out some of my favorite toys: my violin, a microphone, a few electronic gadgets, and explore and play. I get to PLAY! It reminds me that even when I'm creating and composing on my own, experimentation and play are the best mind space to create from. As for collaboration, I'm thankful I have this opportunity to work with some amazing artists, all of such wonderfully high caliber.

I'll keep this posting short and sweet. The creative juices are flowing and I am really excited about this excellent production. I hope maybe some of you out there will be able to catch it.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Dream for the Full Buck Moon

It's wonderful to take the time and build myself a dreamboard for the full moon. This month's dreams seem to be slightly gentler and softer, with more images of gardens, flowing movement, flowers, a bird. But there's still plenty of intensity too. I'm preparing to be profiled by an independent television station, and I'm busy collaborating on music for a play, and collaborating in a music, movement and text improv piece with a wonderful choreographer/dancer/improviser, Mark Lamb.

My winged warrior princess has made a return to my board, and she and the glamorous traveler have audiences and cameras upon them. This board seems to be calling me to explore my more feminine side with the vanity and jewelry. And I am also looking for some abundance and prosperity. Lots of things going on, so it looks like I also need some quiet time in the midst of all this exciting activity.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy senses

Oh, there are many things brewing in my creative life, but for now I'll let them develop a bit before I share with you all. Having creative projects to work on definitely makes me happy. This morning on Skype video, my honey said it was great to see such a great smile on my face.

So my simple happinesses this week include:
  • Fresh plums from the farmer's market - the yellow ones, the red ones, the orangey ones, all tasting subtly and delightly different
  • Arranging a breakfast plate in a silly way to put a smile on my own face
  • A bunch of fresh lavender stalks in a glass vase, so beautiful to look at and smell
  • Loving the sound of my violin even more, ever since an expert worked his magic on it -- a series of tiny adjustments that added up to a whole lot of improvement
And with that violin sounding beautiful, it's time to create some music with it. Have a wonderful and happy week, fellow journeyers!

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