Friday, November 30, 2012

Dreamboard for the Full Frost Moon


Things have been a bit hectic, but I did want to make sure I did a new dreamboard during this powerful full moon eclipse. With not much time to write about it, I think I'll just let it be for now in my heart and mind, more than in the words on my blog. For sure, I think the board is asking me to go to the next level in the path of my dreams: rock the boat, real world lessons, raise your standards. Well, hello, to the wild animals on my board and a whole plethora of masks. Hm, I wonder what those mean. There are as usual some elements of music, journeying and traveling, some sparkly bits. This time there's also a glamorous moment in front of the camera. Earlier this month I had some photos done in the studio by a talented photographer friend, but I wonder what's coming.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dreamboard for the Full Harvest Moon

I feel like there is something different about my board this month but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Is it less orderly? More mysterious? There seem to be elements in my dreamboard that seem more chaotic, but perhaps also they can be seen as very energetic. The table full of dice seem to say there is an aspect of the unknown, of chance. The cafĂ© chairs and tables create so many sticks, angles and shadows, like the arrows around the Trojan horse, the pigeons on the street, the caribou running as a herd. With so many scribbly lines, and the muchness of jumbled intersections there is a certain electric vibe to this dreamboard.

Music is often an element on my board, and this one is no exception. “Illuminate your year with great music” are the only words on my board this time. There is the violin and the maestro, to symbolize my instrument and powerful, spirited music making. Dance is also a frequent presence on my board, and this moon includes both pause for a kiss and a fiercely kinetic conflict. This is balanced just below by the image of a chair and a giant lotus, almost as if these two pairs are meant to be together: the beautifully intense and the beautifully contemplative.

Usually there are images in my dreamboard that bring to mind flight, and on this moon I have the birds, the shadows of flying nuns, and the outstretched arms of the swan-dancer.

There are reminders of spirit here, in the cross and the bells and the nuns. I am invited to sit in contemplation, and be in nature. The glass jars of veggies may symbolize a way of thanking the universe for its colorful bounty and appreciating what I have gathered, giving me a way to prolong the enjoyment and extend gratitude.

The other images capture my imagination but again, I want to spend more time with my board to tease out the meanings – of the bubblegum flower girl, the fan dancer, the metallic beads and nails, the horse head sculpture on the garden bench. I look forward to spending this month with my board, to find out what else it has to say to me.

Check out Jamie Ridler's Full Moon Dreamboards Online to learn more about it. Also, you can see what others are dreaming for themselves for this full moon here.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dreamboard for the Full Corn Moon

Creating this board took more time than I had planned, but this was completely okay  as I needed to slow down anyway. As usual I had cut out too many images so there are many that didn’t make the board. In the end, I really enjoy letting my eyes fall on this board. I’m not too sure what much of it means right now, but it feels so juicy and oozes with sweet possibility.

I find this board really beautiful, and also magical and mysterious. The first things I notice about my board are the gorgeous reds on the board and the blue expanse of water. As to the empty costumes on the left and right of the board, I can’t tell whether it is before of after their wearer. Are the clothes waiting, or are they reminders of something past? Both natural and man-made beauty are here, but it feels like always the inspiration is in nature. I might need to put on the red hood and venture out into the woods, perhaps even encounter the wolf. Red is the color of energy and passion, and I feel a renewed pull toward one of my favorite colors of the past.

I think this board is asking me to consider and use gorgeous gifts from the universe, to honor them by celebrating their beauty and noticing – tuning into the wisdom of spirit, at one with the messages of water, earth, sky and fire. I think my board is telling me: Notice and celebrate. Dance and be free.
  • My dreamboard is expressing my yearning for the open road, nature and adventure
  • I need to notice beauty, and take in the gorgeousness of this world
  • I want to find the inner truth of my life and turn it into my life's work
  • I think my guide on this board might be the mother earth dancer on the island. She is a giant who works with the power of the earth and water and sky to create beauty.
  • But also, I think the elephant is a strong guide as well. Today I was delighted to notice a subway poetry poster with two swimming elephants on it. I wonder what all these elephants are trying to tell me.
I've been making dreamboards pretty regularly since mid-2009, when I discovered Jamie Ridler's blog and became interested in creating a dreamboard for myself. Check out Jamie Ridler's Full Moon Dreamboards Online to learn more about it. Also, you can see what others are dreaming for themselves for this full moon here.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Dreamboard for the Full Sturgeon Moon

Why does this happen almost every time I create a new dreamboard? I choose images, I feel like the dreamboard is going to be c%$^, and then I love it.

This month's question was: What is my intuition telling me about my dreams? And so I began collecting images, not sure of why I was drawn to them, doubting their relevance to my dreams. It wasn't until I arranged them on the board, again trying not to think too much about it, that I begin to see what my board is telling me.

I've been impatient lately, feeling something stirring beneath the surface, tired of having felt like this for a couple of years now. It feels like an impossibly long gestation period, waiting for "whatever that thing is" to pop into my awareness and into being. I've been doing a lot of searching, and sometimes it feels like I'm onto something and then it feels like I've lost the thread again. Frustrating. 

My board seems to be telling me that I have more relaxing and savoring to do, that this is not the time to push to an answer. It seems to be asking me to see that I belong here, to allow spaciousness, to savor and be present to the beauty and color around me, to be open to adventure. Perhaps in this I can find my muse, be bathed and reborn, find my community, and find a happy new title. 

There are many things on this board that seem counterintuitive to an active process of discovering and living my purpose. But perhaps the calm face of the turtle is counseling me to take it slow, to stay in the moment. I notice also the balanced symmetry of quite a few of the images on this moon's board, and maybe that is about finding my center, and letting the raucous energy of new life emerge from that calm groundedness.
"Who says you can't shake it up?" Around these words I see images of an intense voice of inquiry or explanation, a creature listening, an orderly representation of a supposedly solid building. Perhaps it is time to break with the so-called inarguable edifices, ways of being I've taken as truth, to huff and puff and blow the make-believe tower down...

If you'd like to make a dreamboard yourself and even share it with others, check out Jamie Ridler's Full Moon Dreamboards Online. Also, look at what others are dreaming for themselves for this full moon here.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dreamboard for the Full Buck Moon

  • the sky says to me limitlessness and infinite resources
  • there is enough to sustain a tree and to give, for blooming season to return
  • there is light, places to focus, to turn my attention outside and see that there are infinite ideas, infinite inspiration, infinite abundance
  • performance, stage, stars and lights
  • red, the color of aliveness, vitality
  • there is introspection, whirling, sitting, writing, praying, meditating
  • a luminescent quality, sources of light and reflection of light
  • there are words to urge me on: passion, whiz, blooms, the giving tree, infinite ideas, infinite inspiration, groundbreaking composers who changed music forever
It's challenging right now, but I think my dreamboard is saying to bring together money and divine energy. The board seems to be telling me to take a higher view of the material world and money. There is a religious icon of perhaps the virgin, and there is the Buddha, and there is a woman with a large wrap on her head, which to me symbolizes the crown, the connection to the divine. There are also lots of sources of light, the candle, the chandelier, the heavens or the woman herself in the image with 'passion' across it. I think this board is telling me to pay attention to the blooming, the infinite, and passion, to connect with a source and to connect to giving. It feels very multi-hued and rich, saying there are many ideas, and much beauty, many points of light to bring to my issues and challenges around money.

If my power for the full buck moon revolves around spirit and money, I don't feel powerful yet but I'm will to listen to my intuition and spend time paying attention to these things. If you're interested in making a dreamboard yourself and even sharing it with others, check out Jamie Ridler's Full Moon Dreamboards Online. Take a look at what others are dreaming for themselves for this full moon here.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dreamboard for the Full Worm Moon

I had a dream last night about insects, a hairdryer that transformed them, into a peacock burrowing into a brick wall. I don't know that this has anything to do with this month's dreamboard, but I know that things are stirring.

I'm often feeling like the clock is running ahead, leaving me in the dust, and I struggle with being productive and also feeling like I need more time to take care of myself and refill the well. I think this board is asking me to take care of my body, with sunlight, fresh food and plenty of dance and movement. Also there are lots of little bits and jewels and things strung together, clustering that creates flowers, bugs, a curtain. I wonder what this means for my creative projects? And finally I also see living out loud in the mouths, the firebird dancer, the microphone. I'm being called to say something through my art, and I hope I can accomplish this.

My dreamboard urges me on.

Total clarity. Remove doubt. Potential. Music.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Power of Why

This year I found myself short of time but still wanting to create vision cards to help me keep in touch with my intentions for the new year. While I saw these simple cards as a temporary solution, until I could dedicate time to find juicy and intuitive images to add power and insight to my intentions for the year, it has turned out to be something I might just leave as is.

I didn't want to just command myself to exercise, or drink more water, or compose, or practice. I wanted to infuse these ideas with something more meaningful to me, more motivating than the imperative "Do this!" I don't know about you, but somehow commands often arouse a deep-seated rebellious instinct in me, as if there were someone outside of myself telling me I "should" do this and that. To dig deeper I wanted to remind myself why I was making these choices.

Why? What is the deeper reason I am interested in this intention?

I simply followed each written intention with an arrow pointing to a powerful Why. Powerful to me, at least. My hope is that each day when I encounter these cards, tucked inside my journal as a book marker, I will reconnect with the essence of what I want create by choosing these actions.

If you find yourself losing steam on an intention or resolution, I invite you to find ways to reconnect with your initial desires. Why do you want to make this change in your life? You might find answers that help you make the little choices each day that point in the direction of those big "Why's."

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dreamboard for the Full Wolf Moon

[click on image for a larger view]

When I look at my first dreamboard of 2012 I see that I am longing for something that is real and instinctive, something almost animal. There have been a lot of animals on my boards lately. Here they are: three "birds" (or winged creatures), two feathers, a snake, a fish, a mule. What do the animals mean to me? Birds are all about flight and freedom. The snake is low to the ground, some sort of instinctive fertility, perhaps about transformation since it sheds its skin. And the mule is about work.

There is an upward reach and a tree that grows out of the dancer's up-stretched palm. She is reaching and balancing. A ball, a sphere on her face and a tree in her hand. There is a yearning for upward growth, something that comes from listening to the heart and spending time within. This seems to be a time that I want to spend inside and taking care of thoughts and energies moving inside of me.

There are a lot of things I am hungry for at this time, and I love how this board is starting to make it clear to me. It seems this board is more about an internal process and less about putting something out there. Maybe that's just right for this month in the winter season. I am looking forward to what I can do to honor my desires.
  • A longing for flight and freedom, growing wings
  • Reaching upward and growing
  • Taking care of myself with meditation, writing, time in the studio
  • Feminine touches and beauty
  • Following instincts and animal nature as inspiration
  • Having quiet time, a place to retreat
  • Making art and being in the studio
  • Connection with the divine in nature's messages
  • Moving my body, dancing more
Honoring my desires, honoring myself. These are good words. It seems dangerous to not honor oneself, doesn't it? Satisfying hunger, well that has a different quality to it. Perhaps that is what happens when you let desire go unheeded for too long. You become very hungry. But that is also a message. You had better pay attention. Now.