Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dreamboard for the Blue Moon

For this full moon dreamboard, I decided to try Jamie Ridler's Soul Reflections - the Home Edition as the process to create my board. So perhaps it's not technically a "dreamboard" but a "soul reflections board." Still, it was a way to gather intuitive wisdom about what my heart and soul need right now. It was a blissful indulgence (i.e., necessity) to dedicate a good chunk of time to doing something deeply immersive just for myself, especially at this time of year. The experience was the closest I've gotten to taking part in a workshop while staying at home. And I chose to do it in my pajamas!

In my board I see that I'm yearning to march confidently forward. I feel there is a lot of heat in the center -- intention, direction and energy applied to an abundance of natural gifts: fruit and flowers. Also present is an attitude of seeking, tuning into the inner compass through meditation, and the intellectual processes of deep observation and analysis. The elements on the board represent parts of who I am or who I am becoming. I've dubbed the central figure the warrior princess and perhaps there is a part of me that wants to strut confidently forward -- taking part in exciting adventures, discovering new things, showing the world what I'm capable of. It almost seems too big and too much for my everyday self concept, but clearly there's a part of me that wants to bust out of the old container. But in doing so it seems the message is that rather than follow a more masculine model of constantly pushing forward, this feminine warrior of the heart respects nature's flow: external and internal. From the soft processes that nurture plants, develop flowers and grow into fruit to the soft processes of sitting in silence to discover the quiet truths residing within us. Only with these soft ingredients available can I then apply the fires of my intent, desire and will to create. Those creations can manifest in a constellation of forms: they might be delicious food, beautiful music, thought-provoking and entertaining performance, or satisfying community.

As I look forward to the new year I'm thankful for the surprisingly wonderful experience that blogging has been. I started up a blog earlier this year simply to participate in sharing a dreamboard but what I've found is a community of real, insightful, funny, caring and creative people -- all sharing your truths, your processes, your lessons, your aha moments. Thanks to you all, and may the coming year bring whatever your heart desires!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A kinder and gentler season

Each Wednesday, Jamie Ridler provides a question as a prompt for participants to cast wishes and support one another's wish making. For today's Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie asks, "What do you wish for this holiday season?"

This holiday season is starting out much like the others I’ve experienced since becoming an adult. More hassle than fun. Even when I was a child, I did not enjoy having a birthday so close to Christmas. December now typically means a heaping serving of stress about gift shopping, numerous social gatherings, and last but not least, a mound of anxiety about the passing of another year accompanied with plenty of critical self-judgment about how little I’ve accomplished. It seems that I really haven’t been able to truly enjoy my birthday month for years, maybe decades.

The rest of this holiday (and birthday) season, my wish is to be more relaxed and actually find time to nurture my spirit. And I’d like to feel no guilt for not always taking care of others first. I wish to be able to look at the past year and see plenty of accomplishments rather than all the things I didn’t get around to. I wish to enjoy social gatherings without feeling like I have to measure up to some ideal of what a host or guest should be. In short, I wish to be kinder and gentler to myself and to savor the spirit of the season in a more simple and pure way.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dreamboard for the Full Cold Moon

I skipped making a dreamboard for the previous full moon, but for this moon I was very curious to see what could emerge. I tried not to think too much as I chose the images, but once I got started I found myself choosing circle after circle. I've also chosen more sparkly images this time, for some reason. And dance is still a key element. Although I'm a musician I've been letting myself enjoy dancing much more lately. While I'm pleased with yet puzzled by this collection of images, I'm excited to see how the story of this dreamboard may unfold over the coming weeks.

If you're interested in making a dreamboard yourself and sharing it with others, check out Jamie Ridler's Full Moon Dreamboards Online. Check out what others are dreaming for themselves for this full moon here.