Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dreamboard for the Full Cold Moon

I skipped making a dreamboard for the previous full moon, but for this moon I was very curious to see what could emerge. I tried not to think too much as I chose the images, but once I got started I found myself choosing circle after circle. I've also chosen more sparkly images this time, for some reason. And dance is still a key element. Although I'm a musician I've been letting myself enjoy dancing much more lately. While I'm pleased with yet puzzled by this collection of images, I'm excited to see how the story of this dreamboard may unfold over the coming weeks.

If you're interested in making a dreamboard yourself and sharing it with others, check out Jamie Ridler's Full Moon Dreamboards Online. Check out what others are dreaming for themselves for this full moon here.


  1. So beautiful and sparkly! How exciting it will be for you to see the meaning of your beautiful dreamboard unfold!

  2. Have you ever tried making a dreamwheel or a round visionboard? I bet you might enjoy it... Anyhow, your dreamboard is fantastic, and I'm inspired by the images you chose. Many blessings to you as the meaning behind the mysteries become clear, and your wintertime wishes become yours!

  3. Beautiful.. I love the dancer, here movement, her sweat, powerful image.
    May all your dreams come true.

  4. Helen,
    Thanks for the input on my board, I am going to think on what Angela Farmer means to me, I will do some more research on her also.