Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy senses

Oh, there are many things brewing in my creative life, but for now I'll let them develop a bit before I share with you all. Having creative projects to work on definitely makes me happy. This morning on Skype video, my honey said it was great to see such a great smile on my face.

So my simple happinesses this week include:
  • Fresh plums from the farmer's market - the yellow ones, the red ones, the orangey ones, all tasting subtly and delightly different
  • Arranging a breakfast plate in a silly way to put a smile on my own face
  • A bunch of fresh lavender stalks in a glass vase, so beautiful to look at and smell
  • Loving the sound of my violin even more, ever since an expert worked his magic on it -- a series of tiny adjustments that added up to a whole lot of improvement
And with that violin sounding beautiful, it's time to create some music with it. Have a wonderful and happy week, fellow journeyers!

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  1. Here's to happy music and happy toast!

  2. I love the breakfast smile! I'm also a big fan of lavender and have three kinds growing in my garden. Happy creating and music making!

  3. A la movie style - when your blog popped up I almost snorted a mouthful of water all over my keyboard. That toast picture was the culprit - I found it very amusing. Thanks! Can't wait to hear about your creative endeavors....

  4. So much fun, thanks for the smile!

  5. I love reading your posts. It sounds and looks like you see and experience creativity in all aspects of your life. Have a wonderful week.