Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dreamboard for the Full Wolf Moon

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When I look at my first dreamboard of 2012 I see that I am longing for something that is real and instinctive, something almost animal. There have been a lot of animals on my boards lately. Here they are: three "birds" (or winged creatures), two feathers, a snake, a fish, a mule. What do the animals mean to me? Birds are all about flight and freedom. The snake is low to the ground, some sort of instinctive fertility, perhaps about transformation since it sheds its skin. And the mule is about work.

There is an upward reach and a tree that grows out of the dancer's up-stretched palm. She is reaching and balancing. A ball, a sphere on her face and a tree in her hand. There is a yearning for upward growth, something that comes from listening to the heart and spending time within. This seems to be a time that I want to spend inside and taking care of thoughts and energies moving inside of me.

There are a lot of things I am hungry for at this time, and I love how this board is starting to make it clear to me. It seems this board is more about an internal process and less about putting something out there. Maybe that's just right for this month in the winter season. I am looking forward to what I can do to honor my desires.
  • A longing for flight and freedom, growing wings
  • Reaching upward and growing
  • Taking care of myself with meditation, writing, time in the studio
  • Feminine touches and beauty
  • Following instincts and animal nature as inspiration
  • Having quiet time, a place to retreat
  • Making art and being in the studio
  • Connection with the divine in nature's messages
  • Moving my body, dancing more
Honoring my desires, honoring myself. These are good words. It seems dangerous to not honor oneself, doesn't it? Satisfying hunger, well that has a different quality to it. Perhaps that is what happens when you let desire go unheeded for too long. You become very hungry. But that is also a message. You had better pay attention. Now.

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  1. Love your board and your thorough analysis of it.
    The instant your board popped into view, I saw winged things everywhere and thought.... this woman so wants to fly!!
    You are great at analyzing so hope you will pop over and analyze some of mine sometime.
    Other observations......lots of artsy things going on and a fair amount of black and white, which wasn't apparent to me at first.