Friday, September 20, 2013

Dreamboard for the Full Corn Moon

It has been quite a while since I've posted a dreamboard, and I've even missed making them for quite a few full moons. Often I want to create a new board but feel  the moon's cycle has gone too far beyond full to ride that lunar wave. This time, with a huge pile of magazines threatening to take over my home, it was necessary to make that time for myself and for the feng shui of the apartment.

I love my new board, and the first thing I notice is how much red is in it. To me red is a color of vitality and excitement. I know that this autumn is going to be quite intense in terms of creative projects, and this board shows me something of that. Creative output (the pen and scribbled score in progress), beauty (flowers and adornments), a hut to introspect within and also the need to "take the mic," and some key words to guide me: Harmony, Experience, Hope, Capitalism, Never Hide. I think my board is calling me to be confident in where I am: that I have experience behind me, hope within me, and harmony pulling me forward. It's also calling me to deal with that word that gives me the squirms. It's time for me to look capitalism in the face, and find out how I can succeed financially without giving up what I hold dear. After all, the statement in question is: "Capitalism works for me!" True or false? How can I make it feel it works for me rather than bullies me?

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