Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dreamboard for the Full Wolf Moon

I couldn't resist bringing back the central figure from my last full moon dreamboard, so the warrior princess is going to strut her stuff again for another moon. This time I felt drawn to majestic skies, beautiful seashells, rich swaths of color, fresh greenery and bright oranges. Drawn to contemplate and celebrate the limitlessness of the ever changing sky, the princess may be getting ready to try out those wings. There's been a growing process, and the outer shell has been expanding to accommodate the developing soft being it houses. The spiral twists, wider and wider with each turn. In my best moments I feel I'm becoming what should always have been obvious I would become all along. Only I still don't know what that is. Perhaps only in retrospect will the path look like it has clearly been there the whole time. This month I'm seeking to have around me the bright energy, patient concentration, and sparkle I need as I move in the direction of being free.

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