Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dreamboard for the Full Sturgeon Moon

I did this dreamboard at the full moon on August 13, but I haven't had a chance to post about it until now. Better late than never...

The first thing I noticed about this dreamboard is how colorful it is. There isn't a predominance of any color, and it's quite summery. There is a rainbow of possibilities here.
  • I'm looking forward to kicking back and enjoying the colors and tastes of the last days of summer. My dreamboard is saying I need to kick back and relax a bit.
  • Fitness is also a focus for the month. Getting lean and fit, especially for dance fitness, is important. I want to dance well again, and getting tough and fit will serve me well.
  • Plumbing the depths, of ancient ideas. Religions, pre-religions and history, will be a source of inspiration. They give me some food for thought.
  • I need to ask the stone faced, ancient messenger what message he has for me.
  • I want to spend some time in gardens. Nature offers her beauty and I want to stop to smell the roses.
  • I see both craft and un-craft. Assembling and disassembling.
Perhaps this board is expressing my desire to deconstruct what it means to perform. The guitar is smashed, the violin is whole, the artesan is focused on the task of aligning the coils, the woman is shining onstage. I want to conquer the world and take care of my body. I want to write. I want to be outdoors. I want to receive inspiration from nature.

There is coiling and uncoiling. There seems to be some sort of message about energy here. Strings make forms. Not just lines, but strong and useful forms.

My guide in this dreamboard could be the rock climber. She might offer wisdom about preparation and meeting challenges. She is looking upwards, always seeking to scale the next big challenge she has not met yet. I could ask my inner rock climber what she wants and needs today.

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