Monday, September 12, 2011

Dreamboard for the Full Corn Moon

I had that familiar feeling while doing this dreamboard: "What are these images I'm cutting out? Nothing seems to be making any sense!" But because I've been through this experience a few times, I know that I can just move on and trust the process. And wow, what a process of discovery and self-reflection this practice continues to be. And now, I love my dreamboard for this Full Corn Moon. I'm continuing to explore and learn more about the images, and I love Jamie Ridler's suggestion to dialogue with the board, journaling to discover more meanings and symbols in the images on the board.

I'm intensely aware of making a leap, and that "works & process" and "ever after" remind me that the creative process constantly calls for us to make leaps. In certain ways, it can feel like being a beginner, a young one trusting to leap on rocky ground. Yet learning to be comfortable with this discomfort, this stretching for something not yet possible, is a vital part of being a creative soul. As creatives we are always looking to "expand our horizons."

I notice in this dreamboard a richness and depth in the colors, which I associate with royalty and maturity. "Dynamic works" and "You'll shimmer" say to me that being a confident artist also calls for an acknowledgement of what I already have in my bag of tricks. On my dreamboard there are some women who have achieved great things in their creative careers. Mature and in their prime they are doing great work, and have been for years. Meredith Monk and Vivienne Westwood have qualities I admire. They do not follow the crowd, they just do work that they believe in and their genius shines through. They are willing to push the edges, look at things in new ways. The torchbearer in my board powerfully raises her arm to throw light onto the stage, to help me see something.

My intention for this moon cycle: to approach my work as a confident and mature artist, a powerful woman.

I feel this dreamboard is really rich with messages for me as I move through the coming weeks and this new cultural season. I look forward to the discoveries and inspirations I'm sure this will spark.

If you're interested in making a dreamboard yourself and even sharing it with others, check out Jamie Ridler's Full Moon Dreamboards Online. Take a look at what others are dreaming for themselves for this full moon here.


  1. YES YES YES!! Love the power woman images... and yes, to the discoveries and inspirations this fantastic board will create within and alongside you.

    I love that woman in the blue dress! (perhaps because my dream board is also ripe with a woman wearing a blue dress?) :-)

    I am grateful to be able to witness your dreamboard here... and look forward to seeing what is to come.

  2. This is a lovely board. I see lots of strength and movement in your board. My eye was also drawn to the pie which reminds me of comfort and home. I particulary love the forward strong movement of the woman in blue.

  3. this is Melinda...thanks again for stopping by to check out my moon dreamboard...and also I loved reading about your insight on the images you chose for y our board.

  4. I'm so glad this process is proving so powerful. It's a joy to watch the shifts, development and flow of your boards.

    I've written my thoughts over at A Year of Dreams but was really struck by this, "they just do work that they believe in and their genius shines through." What a powerful intention is in there: "Do the work you believe in and let your genius shine through."

    Seeing your brilliance.

  5. Great board. I especially love the eyes looking up. There are lots of images with upward movement like that....the leaping woman, the mountain goats, winged woman. Wishing you a MOONth filled with dreams come true!

  6. Wonderful dream board and it certainly speaks to you ~ that is what is important ~ what it mirrors back to you ~ Lots of great energy and evolving to be more of who you are ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

  7. The world is within your Universe... that is what the lady in blue looks like to me.

  8. I will have to look more into this dreamboard project. I really admire yours. The images, and rich colors, they're gorgeous.

  9. If I had to choose just one word to title your dreamboard, it would be "LEAP".

    A beautiful collection of images with both forward movement and images of comfort.

    Found your comment on the women doing "work they believe in and their genius shines through" very inspiring and comforting.

    And I had a little laugh over your first line about how the images we are cutting out don't seem to be making any sense....don't you love that part of the process though?