Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dream for the Full Cold Moon

It seems I haven't been very active on my blog lately, and maybe it's because I've been so active in my creative life. Of the treasured moments to myself, I have enjoyed making dreamboards monthly with each full moon of the year. I missed the previous one, and the energy was pent up I suppose, because this month's dreamboard is crammed with images and lots of surprises. I feel it will take some time to learn what I need to from this board, but I want to make it a practice this month to gaze at it and discover what the dreamboard is inviting me to do or be right now.

December is often a really difficult month for me, as it contains in it so many energies. Being born in December I'm trying to celebrate my birthday while people are busy with the holidays, preparing for the holidays while looking back at my year for highlights and for unfinished business, looking forward to the new year -- all this swirl make for an unsettled kettle of emotions, happy, wistful, anxious, proud, hungry, nervous. I try to take things down a notch, and as the years go by I think I get a little better at it, but there's still that bubbling stuff just under the surface. Perhaps I just need to make peace with this, just as it is.

As I gaze at my board, I think it reflects this jumble of energies I experience in December. I long for a simple message I can latch onto, but it seems this is just not in the cards. So I'll have to learn to love the smorgasbord of offerings, often contrasting or clashing:
  • A longing for peace and rest
  • Busy-ness and stimulation
  • Animal instincts and animal wisdom
  • Nutritious food and sweet treats
  • Flowering and growth (my windowsill orchid is sending up a flower stalk right now!)
  • Magic and surprise
I'm thankful for having this regular process for tuning in to my dreams and desires and intuition. It has been so useful and nourishing to my spirit to have a way of checking in with inner messengers on a regular basis. How wonderful that it is tied to the moon's cycles as well. If you're interested in making a dreamboard yourself and even sharing it with others, check out Jamie Ridler's Full Moon Dreamboards Online. Take a look at what others are dreaming for themselves for this full moon here. Here's to celebrating 2011 and looking forward to what 2012 will bring! All the best to you and yours.


  1. Helen-this is a beautiful dream board! I hope all of your dreams come true. ♥

  2. Thank you for sharing your dream board! It is very beautiful and insightful. I am looking to yours as I settle in to make my own.

    I am especially enjoying your reflection on the board. Very peaceful amidst the chaos.

  3. What great insights. I'm sure the board is holding many more.

  4. What a lovely dream board.

  5. This is a very thoughtful dreamboard to me. May all your dreams come true.

  6. What a great board - so much going on! I see lots of blooming and creating. I also notice you have the three pigs that showed up on my board last month. I had some fun playing with them this past month. Enjoy your dreams this month!