Friday, December 6, 2013

Looking back at my first blog post

My first blog post in 2009

It is Day Six at Kickin' it Old Skool blog-a-thon, and today's prompt has us share our first. Blog post, that is... "Whether you've been blogging for 5 years or 5 days, share with us your first post and what you've learned or how you've changed since then."

Here is my first post (from July 8, 2009) in its entirety which was accompanied by the photo above:
"It caught my attention at the flea market. Something about that repurposing of an obsolete machine spoke to me. As time marches on, fewer and fewer of us can count ourselves among those who have used a manual typewriter and know its particular quirks. I searched through the trays of jewelry, all embedded with recycled typewriter keys, wanting to find something that told a story. No, a simple letter wouldn't do. Who would know where that nugget came from? It would have to be @ and ¢ stacked, or 1/2 and 1/4.

And then I saw it. I've declared it my talisman. As I begin exploring the world of blogging, of following my inner creative urges, it urges me on. To color outside the lines. To let go of the bounds of old patterns. To be free."
I don't think I've learned much over the years about how to write for a blog, because all along I've assumed my blog is something very few people read. My writing was and is not targeted at any particular audience. It's for myself. Occasionally I'm proven wrong, particularly when I'm participating in a book club or blog-a-thon (like this!). I get a chance to know that others actually read what I write, and the visiting and commenting back and forth is so much fun.

Primarily, I remain motivated by writing for myself and nothing has changed in that department. Maybe it has to do with my recurring assumption that I have nothing to teach anyone, no new insights, no new information, nothing of value to offer others. I still write as if I am writing privately in my journal, even if I am aware that what I'm writing is made public. Four years into blogging I still feel like a newbie, but then again newbie-ness is a constant anxiety of mine. I'm always feeling that I'm not quite ready for primetime. Has that changed in any way? Now I know my patterns, so at least I have a chance to see them and move on. It's okay. Right now, I don't have a great need for a huge blog readership. Maybe someday it'll be more relevant, maybe not. What else has changed in my blogging? I'm less hesitant to dig into the HTML to make the post look better. But it's been a haphazard learning process -- someday I hope to more systematically learn HTML.

And now today's entry, part of my teensy bit of writing each day in December. This one appeared during my movement practice. I began with the first two lines as images and words, and during movement the third line came. I am a Sagittarius so it's interesting to think about that interpretation as well as others.
Take this child seriously, follow her.
And take down the dictator.
The archer appears.


  1. The power of words. I love the idea of wearing meaningful words of our choosing. I have a necklace that can contain a tiny roll of paper on which I write words or poetry.

    I can relate to your teaching assumption, but beg to differ. I suspect there is much to learn in moments of sharing.

    Your writing practice intrigues me. Would you consider writing more about the process?

  2. I love that bit of new writing Helen. And what an interesting first post! I feel the power of that "margin release" and moving forward to your own leading edges and it's wonderful.

  3. I love your first post Helen, fascinating perspective and now even true-er as fewer folks while remember what a typewriter is.

    I think it's wonderful that your primary blog goal is the same, talk about focus! And writing for yourself is a very important thing. Yay for haphazard HTML diving it, I'm with you on that one :)

  4. What an awesome bracelet -- in design, history and new life, and sentiment. Loving your style of writing and looking forward to following along more as this month progresses! (Fellow Kickin' It Old Schooler)

  5. Beautiful bracelet! What a great find and it's great to find you too! ^_^

  6. What a great metaphor! I remember the old school typewriters and miss typing on them. I keep saying I'm going to get myself one and WRITE! I also feel the same way about my blogging skills - 5 years in and I thought I would be a heck of a lot more savvy at this than I am. In fact I might have gone backwards. Lol! These words at the end...a deep message! I feel it!!