Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Weather Wednesday

When I write about the weather I want to be dramatic. It is boring to write about a day that is mild with blue skies and light breezes, but that's just the kind of day we have in New York City. Boring to write about but wonderful to walk about in and enjoy!

I like living in a temperate climate, where there is always another season to look forward to, another change if you're getting tired of one thing. Perhaps that is the drama I'm looking for. When I step back and look at the weather from the standpoint of years of living in this city, there indeed is drama and change. We complain about the freak snow storms, and also about it not snowing like it used to. I remember blizzards as a child with huge piles of snow that were a few feet above my head. This year we've had pretty mild weather for December. That's okay, winter's bitter cold will come, even if it only visits us for a week.

What I love about the weather is that it changes. It gives me hope.

And now for my continuing practice of a teensy bit of writing each day in December, this one a memory:

Blue skies over my big city,
Perfect palettes for enjoyment,
Will always remind me now
Of the day when perfection was slashed,
Grey smoke, and the horrible tragedy.


  1. I am not a city girl but if I were I would probably be a new york city girl. Is it really snowing up there now?

    1. Quite the opposite, it doesn't feel like we're in December right now. It's 50 degrees Fahrenheit!

  2. I LOVE this picture of you, Helen! And yes, you've put something into words that I feel in my heart too - that the changing of the seasons evokes a sense of hope. Yes, yes, I feel it too.

  3. I Miss NYC! Love your picture! Too cute!

  4. Your writing takes me back..

  5. I really like this picture of you Helen. I love the seasons and all of the weather changes they bring. We do experience the four seasons but the changes are not as dramatic as what you have had lately. Enjoy your day!

  6. Look at that face! Brr....

    I think the whole country is supposed to have a cold and dramatic winter this year.

  7. I remember those big snowstorms we'd get here, too! My brother and I would be up to our chest deep in show. We lived near a park and it was so much fun to go out and play in it back then. Those were the days. Not that I want that kind of snow here, now! We have been having some pretty crazy weather these last few years, though. Thankfully this year has been really tame here in NYC.

  8. I love your picture Helen! Here is to the dramatic. And I love thinking about the relationship between seasonal changes and hope. Fascinating.