Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Show and tell: a cardigan in the works

It is Day Ten at Kickin' it Old Skool blog-a-thon, and today's prompt is to show and tell. We're back in grade school!

Today I am sharing my current work in progress, a cardigan I am knitting for myself. I'm close to finishing – just adding more length to the body and then figuring out what bands and cuffs I want to use.  I'm not working from a pattern but more a recipe that is based on my own measurements. The recipe is from a Craftsy class: The Perfect Fit Seamless Crazy Lace Cardigan. Even though they call it "Crazy Lace" I'm not exactly going nuts with lace patterns. I wanted a simple sweater that I could wear easily and often. This is the first sweater I am making for myself, but the very first sweater I made went to my guy. If you are on Ravelry you can see my other projects here. I've got to finish up this post because I want to get outside. It's snowing today!

And now today's entry, part of my "teensy bit of writing each day in December." This is just an image I got while moving and meditating.
I receive a single flower,
small, white, five-petalled.
Encircling it, concentric rings

glowing and blue.
I am intrigued by the specificity of the images and want to look up the symbolism of a five-petalled flower and of blue rings. Maybe later.


  1. LOVING your cardigan! I am such a sweater girl and as soon as I saw this I was all over the colour and the pattern!

  2. I hope you share if you do learn more about your meditative writing. Loving the imagery it evokes. Also, I'm super impressed by people who can knit at the level of making real clothes (i.e. way more than just scarves)!

  3. Beautiful sweater. I love that it is simple, yet delicate in style. My daughter knits too, but she has long surpassed me. Now I get to benefit from her passion for knitting :)

  4. Love the sweater, it's beautiful. I am so inspired by your 'little snatches' of writing. Thanks for sharing them, too.

  5. Gorgeous sweater! And I'm loving your little writing "stones" - today's is very evocative.

  6. Helen, I love your sweater. It is so pretty and I am always impressed by someone who can create something beautiful that they can also wear. I can't wait to hear what you learn about the symbolism in your writing today. It's a lovely piece.